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Visitor Comments 1999

I receive e-mail from time to time with both compliments and complaints.  Fortunately, the former exceed the latter by a considerable margin. 

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Here are some reader comments received during 1999.....

I liked very much your site : nice to look at, easy to navigate, good pictures and comments. And ready since opening! A must in bookmarks of landscape amateurs.

Just saw your invitation over at, and couldn't resist a visit. It's certainly a good thing I didn't resist. Wonderfully presented site, and the photography was outstanding.

Thanks for the beautiful Site. I thing everyone can find something in Luminous Landscape.

Michael, Wow! Thanks for the inspiration.

This is a great site Michael.

Nice site Michael. Well done and it contains a lot of interesting articles. It will take me some time to browse through all.

Hi -- Dropped by your site to check out the Polaroid scanner review. Wound up staying until I had to leave for work. Only scratched the surface, but very much liked both the photos and the copy.

I want to tell you that I enjoyed browsing your website tremendously and especially appreciate the quality of your online photos.

You have an excellent website. You share so many ideas openly and I think you have a very positive outlook in this wonderful field of photography which I also share a profound interest especially in nature and the great outdoors.

I've been an admirer of your site for some time and have used it as a reference for anyone that needs to better understand scanning issues.

Congratulations on a terrific website with very useful resources.

I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed browsing through your image gallery. Your images are inspiring.  Thank you for taking the time to share.

Just looked at your article on Zion and enjoyed it greatly. 

Just wanted to let you know I've been emailing my photo friends about your site!  Hope they visit!

Just have to say wow. 'Mirrored Lake, CA" is incredible. the others are impressive, but that one is awe inspiring (for lack of better adjectives)

Mike, Your's is a first class site. 

Thanks again for the wonderful site, forums and your beautiful photographs.

I like the name Luminous Landscape.  It's very evocative and poetic.

Your site looks and works great BTW. The photo's are beautiful.

Your site is GREAT ! This is the kind of photography I like the most. Fine photos, superb quality, nice presentation, informative articles. Well done. Keep up good work!

Your web site is one of the best I have found and the best on digital photography.

I too am impressed with your web page and the information that it provides, along with how complimentary and positive you are to those that you communicate with. It is very refreshing especially when contrasted to the bombardment of negativism that we're used to in various forms of media. Thanks.

Just a short note here, to say I'm absolutely enthralled with your website, and with the depth of your knowledge of photography. I have been a professional photographer for twenty-nine years, and until several years ago, was secure in the belief that I knew my craft better than anyone. The coming of the digital age, and the attendant new techniques, have shown me my folly.

Thank you for bringing this knowledge of your experiences and successes to me in such a clear and entertaining way.

Your site is very wonderful, both informative and well laid out, and your photos are superb.

I have just discovered your site.... and was not only taken with the beauty of your images, but also impressed with the technical information given, a lot of which is useful to me.

There is a wealth of information and inspiration at your site. Thank you.  I will come back many more times as I leave with the regret that time did not allow me to stop at every item.  Your story of the equipment you used is about as tactful and intelligent as any I have seen. I learned from your experience.  Best wished and congratulations for excellent work.

I must say that I became a luminous-landscape web site addict in just a few days, since I discovered it last Wednesday. :-) Many many thanks for a such inspiring and great living web site, I especially appreciate the fact that you keep updating it almost every day. Great job, your site is a great source of inspiration.

I want to thank you for all the fine photography and writing on the web. Your ÒThe Luminous LandscapesÓ site is absolutely beautiful ! The technical and traveling tips are also outstanding É it is pure joy to visit your site and read your thoughts. Thank you for it all!

Just wanted to comment on your excellent site. I enjoyed the photographs and narrative and the excellent layout and design. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

Recently found your site and I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying exploring the many fine photographs and topics you have to offer. I'm sure that running a large site like this is a tremendous amount of work and wanted to let you know that it shows.

Just wanted to let you know this the most beautiful site on the NET. Also, it's very fast to load, very user friendly, and has tons of very useable information. I guess you can tell I love your site!

Michael, I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful site. It is pure class, from the photographs, to the technical information, to the high civility of your comments and the forum.

Re: Eastern Sierra 

You really know how to twist the knife -- to those who couldn't make the trip this year. Everyone says this was the best year ever. Great trip! Great pictures!

Re: Eastern Sierra 

I quit. I'm outta here. Take this job and shove it. I'm heading to the mountains. Dammit Micheal. I was planning to be in the Eastern Sierra last week, but I got a new job and couldn't take the time off. I swear just as soon as I pay off my new computer I'm leaving this rat race. Your photos make me jealous. Wish I had been there. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.

Re: Eastern Sierra 

Just a quick note to say that you have a wonderful site, I enjoyed browsing and admiring your photos. I too have a Rollei 6008 and it is simply superb! The only thing missing from the photos, i.e., Yosimte - Half Dome, is the noise of the waterfalls below and the smell of crisp clean morning air!

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your site...... Keep up the great work -- beautiful landscapes and a well-presented site!

All I can say is wow.....Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I really enjoy your website, it is one of the best that devoted to the art of outdoor photography.

Great site! Fab-U-lous imagery!

You have a wonderful website!

I have just come across your page from the Digital Darkroom site and want to thank you for your fantastic output of information. I have been reading on and on and its now 4am.....

I checked out your site. You have some of the best photo's I have seen on the Internet. Love that one of the Gleaners.

Thanks for a great web-site, probably the best landscape photograpy site on the internet. Keep up the good work.

...thanks in particular for making such an inspiring web site to display your beautiful images.

I enjoy your Luminous Landscape a great deal.  In addition to the great shots, I find the dialogue very knowleadgeable and civilized, very helpful and informative.  An inspired idea!

A friend sent me the link to this site and I'm blown away by these images!..... These images instill a very definite sense of peace and help to re-establish an awareness of the bigger picture for people.

Congratulations on a great website. I really enjoyed visiting your site the design is great and has good useful information and the best quality pictures I have seen on the Internet. In my rating you have the best landscape pictures on the net.

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