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Guide To The Fuji X-T1

by Kevin Raber

The mirrorless revolution is upon us.  If you are a regular reader you know we have covered a lot of news about the mirrorless cameras lately.  One of those cameras that is getting a lot of attention is the Fuji XT-1.  This is a very nice camera and I am enjoying mine plus all the lenses for. There is just something about the feel and operation of this camera that feels right. 

A number of years ago Luminous-Landscape pioneered video tutorials with a tutorial on Lightroom.  This lead to a number of other tutorials, mostly on software and digital workflow.  The format for these tutorials is unlike how other tutorials had been done.  Now, with most software being well covered, LuLa is breaking ground on a new type of tutorial and today we introduce our first in a series of Camera Tutorials – The LuLa Guide To The Fuji X-T1.

I’m sure if you are like me you have sat at a table with your new camera and the manual that was included and tried to work your way through understanding how to operate your new investment.  I know I have.  So, we decided we would introduce a new series of LuLa videos on using different cameras.  Working with a two person conversational method as we did with our software videos we will walk you through all the aspects of learning and setting up your new camera. 

While discussing this project with the folks at Roberts Camera (in Indianapolis) who also took part in this video we determined that one of the more popular cameras being sold at this time was the Fuji X-T1.  So, this was where we decided to start.  Kevin Raber, publisher of Luminous-Landscape and Jarrid Spicer of Roberts Camera will lead you through the basic and not so basic workings of the X-T1.

We have plans for a number of other tutorials like this for other cameras and these are in various stages of production.  We know you’ll enjoy learning by watching two people explore and discuss the options and settings available to use the Fuji X-T1.  We will be taking this further with some other videos in production covering photographic techniques of well known photographers. 

The LuLa Guide To The Fuji X-T1 is available now to LuLa Video Subscribers as well as an individual download for $29.95.  There are 14 videos totaling three hours.  Each video has chapter markers to quickly access the control or menu item of the camera you may be interested in.  There is also a PDF available with all the chapters listed. 

If you own or are thinking of purchasing the Fuji X-T1 then this video is for you.

Download the PDF of the Table of Contents/ChapterMarkers for a close look at the content of the videos.







Published October 1, 2014
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