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From Thanksgiving Until Christmas

A Special Opportunity For Giving and Receiving 

The Luminous Endowment has announced the winners of its first round of grants to photographer – awarding some $20,000 to finance projects by photographers in five countries. 

To help raise money for the Endowment, to be used to finance future grants, The Luminous Endowment has created a special new and lower donation level of $200. The reward that you will receive for this tax-deductible donation is a copy of Michael Reichmann's new book – A Twenty Year Retrospective. Normally this book requires a $350 donation to be received as a reward for your donation. This will be the price again after December, 25th.

This 400 page coffee-table sized book has been described by one reviewer as... "not simply a book, but rather an experience. Something to live with each day; turn a page, and inhale.  You are looking through the eyes of a Master."

Below is a video presentation of the Retrospective book's content.
It runs for 14 minutes, and shows all 400 pages. 

Music by The Advent Chamber Orchestra. Mozart Laudate Dominum

Donate $200 Now – Receive The Book as Your Reward
Or... Have The Book Sent to Someone as Your Gift For The Season

Click Here To Give and Receive

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