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Robert Hitchman's 'Photograph America Newsletter'

by Kevin Raber

New Video + PDFs now in Store

25 Years - 130+ Locations

Robert Hitchman has been publishing this invaluable resource for N. American photographers for 25 years. He has covered many, many miles on the back roads of America to find those secret hidden gems that are found only when you spend a lot of time searching.

Robert Hitchman shares all of his best spots and publishes four Photograph America Newsletters a year giving his readers all the information needed to find and photograph both the landscape icons and the not-so-well-known secret spots.


The Photograph America Newsletter is a 12-page travel newsletter for photographers, published since 1989.

Each issue of the newsletter describes in detail where to photograph spectacular landscapes, interesting wildlife, hidden waterfalls, remote beaches, slot canyons, colorful wildflowers of North America.

Learn where, when, and how to discover the best nature photography in America.

Newsletters are available individually, in regional collections, as complete collections, and by subscription. A one-year subscription includes four issues, as PDF files via email download links, as printed newsletters, or as BOTH PDF files and printed issues. PDF files are now being published with color photographs.


19 minute video interview,  2 Newsletters + 25% discount

A Great Offer!

I interviewed Robert Hitchman in his California office back in June 2014. Together, we cooked up an attractive offer for Luminous Landscape Video Subscribers.

This 19 minute interview is now available to Luminous Landscape Video Subscribers. It is also available to non-subscribers as a stand-alone video for $10.

To sweeten the deal and to give you a great look at the Newsletters, the video is accompanied by two downloadable PDF Photograph America Newsletters (a $16 value):

# 116 The Lighthouses of Maine
# 129 Return to the Valley of Fire

To make the deal even sweeter, there is also an included PDF giving details of a 25% discount on your first purchase of the Newsletter or the whole collection - printed or electronic.

Check out the first minute and a half of the video in the free clip provided below


Bob Hitchman & Kevin Raber
discuss the Photograph America Newsletter 



Published December 16, 2014

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