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Luminous-Landscape Workshops

Luminous-Landscape was one of pioneers of photography workshops.  We take great pride in offering workshops that are a different kind of experience than you can find anywhere else.  We hold workshops at edge of the planet locations as well as areas that are closers to home.   All of our workshops unless otherwise noted are all inclusive.  Your workshop fee covers everything such as instruction, food, transportation, rooms and more.  We work with the best and finest instructors in our industry.  All of these instructors share the same passion as we do for photography.  Our goal is to give you a great photographic experience and provide in the field as well as in classroom instruction.   Below is a listing of our workshops we are presently planning and offering.  This list changes often so check back occasionally to make sure you are up to date on the latest workshop offerings.

All Luminous-Landscape Workshops are facilitated by Rockhopper Workshops.  Rockhopper is the exclusive provider of our workshops and our sister company.  The links belwo will take you to specific workshops on the Rockhopper Website.

2014 Workshops

Svalbard 2014 - Land Of The Polar Bear - 2 Very Special Workshops
July 13 - 21, 2014 (Sold Out)   and July 21 - 29, 2014 COMPLETED


The Palouse, Pullman, WA, Autumn Harvest a PODAS - Luminous-Landscape Workshop
August 18th - 23rd, 2014 - SOLD OUT  COMPLETED

Scotland - Isle Of Skye, A PODAS - Luminous-Landscape Workshop
November 1 - 7, 2014 - (Sold Out)  COMPLETED

2015 Workshops

Antarctica Double Header

January 26th - February 4th (A Few Berths Still Available)
 and January 31st- February 9th, 2015 (A Few Berths Still Available)

We are returning to Antarctica again and we are doing it 2 times this year back to back.  We have a line up of instructors second to none.  This is a must do workshop in amazing part of the planet.  We will fly over the Drake Passage and begin our expedition from the Antarctica Continent.  we will be sailing on the Ocean Nova that is the perfect size for this type of workshop.  all the details on this workshop are available by CLICKING HERE.  This workshop is selling out quickly.  Book now to make sure you don't loose a spot on this workshop.


The Amazing Kimberley Region of Australia on the Incredible True North
April 18th - 25th, 2015 - Registration - Early April 2014

Luminous-Landscape has pioneered workshops into the most picturesque remote locations on the planet.  Join us for an adventure to truly an Edge Of The Planet location, the Kimberley.  This is an area of northwest Australia that is so hard to get into that the best way to explore it is by boat and helicopter and we have both.  Join us next April 2015 for the Ultimate Kimberley Adventure aboard the amazing True North.  This will be unlike any workshop you have attended in the past.  Plus you’ll have four extremely talented instructors Ken Duncan, Christian Fletcher, Mark Stothard and Kevin Raber,  who have all been to the Kimberley and know the region well.  This will be a charter with photographers only thus allowing us to be in position for the best light for the locations we are visiting.  Learn more about this amazing workshop here.  If there is one workshop you do, this is the one.

See the Kimberley 2013 Video.  If you pruchase this video and sign up for the workshop you will receive a $100.00 USD credit.


The Ultimate Iceland Adventure- June 22nd - July 1st, 2015

Iceland, a landscape photographers heaven.  Luminous-Landscape was one of the first to explore and offer workshops in this magnificent country.  That was over 10 years ago and since then there are dozens of workshops being offered there and at times popular locations can be over run by photography workshops and photographers.  As a result we have avoided doing workshops in Iceland until now.

After lots of discussion and work we are ready to offer a workshop in Iceland again and it will be different than all others.  Teaming up with Daniel Bergmann one of (if not) the best guides and photographers in Iceland, LuLa is proud to offer the Ultimate Iceland Adventure.  This workshop will be held next June 22 – July 1st 2015.  

If you have been to Iceland before and now want to see a part that you haven’t seen before then this is the workshop for you.  It will have heavy focus on the beautiful highlands and includes aerial photography.  This 10 Day / 9 night adventure will sell out quickly so visit the Rockhopper Workshops site and register today.



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