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Upcoming Workshops From
Leading Teachers and Photographers

One of the best ways to improve your photographic skills is to join a seminar or workshop. These can last from a single day to a week or more. They can take place in local venues or exotic locales. But, with the right teacher and itinerary not only can a photographic workshop be a rewarding learning experience, but a terrific opportunity to expand ones horizons, meet like-minded people and explore new territory.

I myself teach just a handful of workshops and seminars each year. But there is a small number of highly talented photographers and teachers who I work with on a regular basis who also conduct their own workshops, independent of The Luminous Landscape. If a workshop seems like something you'd like to try you should consider one of these, as each is designed to provide you with an exceptional learning and photographic experience. Under each teacher's name there are links to their currently available workshops. Act quickly, because these workshops sell out, often as soon as they are announced.

— Michael Reichmann

NEW for 2015

The Luminous Landscape's Antarctica by Air 2015 
with 7 of The World's Top Instructors

Art Wolfe

Look for 2015 Dates Soon

CLICK HERE to Visit The Workshop Page

Alain Briot

Workshops with Alain and Natalie Briot : 


Spring 2015 Southern Arizona Workshop

February 6 to 10, 2015: Tucson, Arizona

Spring 2015 Navajoland Workshop

May 1 to 5, 2015: Chinle, Arizona

Spring 2015 Antelope CanyonWorkshop

April 10 to 14, 2015: Page, Arizona





Andy Biggs

African Safari Workshops

Tim Wolcott

Private One-On-One Workshops

Jay Maisel

Jay Maisel is one of world's leading photographers. He conducts workshop at his amazing bank building / gallery / home in New York's Bowery district.

The Jay Maisel New York 
Photography Workshop

Charles Cramer

Digital Printing for the Fine Art Photographer


Stephen Johnson

Photography Workshops with Stephen Johnson


John Paul Caponigro

The Fine Art Digital Printing Workshop Series

The Illuminating Creativity Field Workshop Series

Seth Resnick

Digital Workflow



The Lofoten Islands by Sailing Yacht - Arctic Norway

Kayaking with Whales into Wild Canadian Landscape - British Columbia 

The Lofoten Islands by RIB boat - Arctic Norway






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